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Terms & Conditions

Somerdale Pavilion Terms and Conditions


Health and Fitness Membership (for both Somerdale Pavilion & TCQ Gym & Spa) is offered for a minimum of one month and is payable by Direct Debit or via a recurring card payment. Alternatively, members can pay an annual subscription. There are membership types available that include classes at an additional cost.
Direct Debit payments will be requested from your bank account on the 1st of the given month. The first payment will be a pro-rata amount covering the first partial month.

Sports Membership is offered to a minimum of one year and is payable by an annual subscription in advance. Social Membership entitles the member to a discount on food and drink in the Pavilion Sports Bar. Sports Membership is offered for a minimum of one year and is payable by an annual subscription or monthly by a recurring charge to a credit/debit card for twelve months. Sports Membership is required for all who wish to join any of the Pavilion’s sports teams.

All memberships (including annual memberships) are non-transferable or refundable. 
To cancel a membership, please notify us at least 14 days before your next payment due date by email. Members are advised to take steps to cancel their Direct Debit payment. Requests to cancel with less than 14 days’ notice will not be cancelled until the following month.
Our payment system will automatically attempt to debit a member’s monthly payment up to three times.  The failure of the third attempt will lead to automatic termination of membership.
Somerdale Pavilion Trust will still seek payment for any missed membership fees up to the termination point or to the end of any minimum membership contract period.  Should a member wish to continue using the facilities they will need to ensure all outstanding debts are cleared and then go through a new process of re-joining, including payment of any joining fee.
Annual membership is non-refundable.  Failure to follow the correct termination process may lead to legal proceedings being taken to recover owed membership fees.
In exceptional circumstance, e.g. injury or pregnancy, you may be allowed to defer your membership for an agreed period (up to a maximum of 6 months).  This request must be made in writing or by email, stating the reason for deferment and including supporting medical evidence. We reserve the right to decline your application or apply an administration fee.  Any deferred period will not form part of the contracted minimum membership term.
All members are required to show their membership card at reception.  Members will be refused free entry into activities or discounts without a valid membership card.
There is a small charge to replace lost or stolen cards. Membership cards are non-transferable and must only be used by the registered cardholder.  Only the cardholder can make bookings.
Certain activities require advance booking to guarantee availability.  Health and Fitness Members are permitted to book up to 14 days in advance, .  Sports Members are required to book pitches as soon as they are in receipt of fixtures.
All places booked in advance must be paid for at the time of booking.
Cancellation of a class reservation is permitted without charge when made at least 24 hours in advance of the activity. Cancellation of activities within 1 hour or failure to attend reserved activities may be charged at the full rate.  Charges will be deducted from the member’s credit/debit card within seven days.
Booking times for all scheduled activities must be adhered to. If you attend at a later or earlier time than originally booked, you may be refused entry.
In general, unless advertised otherwise, all activity sessions are for 55 minutes.
Prior to using any fitness equipment, new Health and Fitness Members may ask to undertake a supervised induction with a member of the fitness team. These should be booked in advance.  Members must use all equipment and facilities in an appropriate manner and give considered regard to their own health and safety and to that of others.
We will write to inform you a minimum of two weeks in advance before the introduction of any price adjustment.  Please inform us of changes to your personal details such as address, telephone number and email address so that these communications may be made. You can do this at Reception or by emailing
In order to keep members up to date with promotions and services, the Somerdale Pavilion Trust will email bulletins to members on an ad hoc basis where consent has been provided for this. Email addresses will not be shared with third parties without consent.
We reserve the right to withdraw all or any part of our facilities for short periods of time to carry out routine maintenance and for exhibitions/events.  Members will be given advance warning of these times. No refunds will apply in these circumstances provided they occur no more than 10 times in any 12-month period.
We accept no liability for lost, damaged or stolen goods whilst on our premises unless as a direct result of our negligence. Property stored in lockers is at your own risk. Cars parked in the car park and all contents in them are your responsibility and we will not accept any liability for loss or damage to them. Members are entitled to register a car for parking fee exemption by e-mailing Failure to do so may result in a PCN from a third-party company.
It is the responsibility of the member to ensure they use the facilities provided under this agreement. Somerdale Pavilion Trust takes no responsibility for non-attendance and as such refunds will not be issued due to non-attendance.
Members must comply with conditions of use relevant to each activity which are displayed throughout the Pavilion.
Somerdale Pavilion Trust reserve the right to adjust or amend the terms and conditions as necessary without prior notice.  Members are required to adhere to the terms and conditions of use. Non-adherence may result in cancellation of membership.
When purchased online, Somerdale Pavilion Trust offers a seven-day cooling off period from the specified start date of the membership. During this time, members may cancel without penalty, provided the facilities have not been used. To cancel during the cooling off period, members are required to notify us in writing or by email. Contact details are below.

Notice of cancellation of membership, deferment requests and requests to cancel during the cooling off period should be sent in writing to:

Head of Operations,
Somerdale Pavilion,
Tiberius Road,
BS31 2FF